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Here at Tricolore, we run our own farm. Many of our products are shipped to our shops, so they are available worldwide.

No matter what your diet is about, we have it.


Years in this industry

A farm with a solid reputation in Italy

We are mostly focused on putting Italian communities together, which relates to plenty of different aspects. One of them involves selling natural Italian products in our small shops, but also shipping in local areas.


Keep it Italian and get in touch with us for more information.

Mario Bonzetti

Mario Bonzetti may not play a major role in our work over the Internet, but he is the man behind all the farm work and the products you can find in our small shops. Inheriting the passion for a farming life from his father, Mario organizes everything in our farm.

This is not really work for me. It is more like a passion that I have had since I was a kid. I enjoy it and honestly, it does not even feel like work anymore.

Antonio Pagliuca

Antonio Pagliuca is Mario Bonzetti's nephew and the one handling the extra work. Whatever his uncle has in mind, he makes it happen. He knows what is going on and keeps a closer eye on the animals, not to mention interacting with the staff.

If there is not any passion, this kind of work will never be productive. You have to love what you do if you truly want to be successful and luckily for me, we are all in the same boat.