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Meat based products

Meat based products almost not always available in all of our shops. You can count on fresh meat and even special orders. Interested in something in particular? Get in touch with us early and we can get it delivered to your local shop.

Dairy and derivate products

Interested in natural and organic milk straight from the farm? How about some natural cheese or perhaps some Italian specialties made by Italian standards and recipes? Consider it done. Our cheese products are available in all of our shops.

italian cheese
olive oil

Sauces and oils

Original bolognese sauces, pesto, classic marinara sauces, red clam sauces or fettuccine Alfredo sauces – we have everything. Sure, you can find alternatives everywhere, but nothing compares to a sauce made by Italian recipes.

Ready made foods

We prepare Italian food by our own Italian recipes, learned from our grandparents. Many of these foods are frozen and stored accordingly to be able to sell them in our shops. They are frozen as soon as they are done, so they are fresh.

italian pizza